It` s a new dawn, it´s a new day, it´s a new life for me – and I´m feeling good*

Click  to *Song by Michael Bublè  : “Feeling Good”

Desided to blog this time in English – because… why not. When writing with my own language, I did (on purpose) few grammar “mistakes” by using my artistic (lol) freedom, but this time I am sure by using English the mistakes are not that artistic anymore or even made on purpose… But who really cares anyway? Not me. Nor you.

So. There was this summer remembrance thing going on on some blogs and I thought doing that as well. I think it was supposed to be done in at least two phases, gathering the good things in one and not-so -good thigs in to another – but I am feeling not only good like Michael Buble there wisely said, but also rebellious , so I will put them all here. You just have to deal with that, okay?

When talking about this year 2018 summer here in Finland we have to point out first the fact that we actually had one.  And a real one. And it was a long one. It started on May and some think it might not be over yet (but I think it is, the nights are cold and the crop has been harvested from my next door field, so its over guys, let it go). So naturally the best thing was it existed and it was a proper one. 



I went through some of my previous updates from my social media (thanks to that random person who liked my Instagram picture from April the 8th so I had to check that too and saw my update there “First bbq for this year” and I was totally surprised that we actually had that spring feeling then already. Awesome! No wonder this summer felt so long. It was!


We had so many good moments out there in the garden – mostly around eating of course, because that`s what we do in this household when we wanna have fun, but surprisingly I also did some sunbathing too and that was and still is a bit confusing to me. Because: I dont ususally just lie there, mostly because I have had some little kids to watch or huge pregnant belly to deal with. That has been my summer tradition for years – even when on holidays somewhere there has always been someone to look after so no opportunities to relax and do nothing  with my eyes closed. But that changed this year and boy it was strange. The littlest of the kids were already so old (if you can say that of a five year old) that he played nicely around me , or just enjoyed the sun like his mom next to me and it was all new and all fun. Loved it. And. Got tanned. (I know and I have already written about that earlier in finnish though that sun is not always that good , I know I know, but when you have a skin disease like psoriasis it can be a better option than using constant medications that won`t even work ). We enjoyed it.






We also, as known, went to swim so many occasions that I just wonder there hasn`t appeared any fins (or other fishy marks) to kids backs, lol. We splashed into a lake , the river and a sea and once even on a spa  (Nokia Eden) , too. We just love being around water and this summer was just perfect for that. We also will always remember one particular trip to the lake when on our way I popped by on a local shop to get some snacks with us and I got into middle of a robbery. That was… well… hopefully once in a lifetime experience for me (or for anyone) I`d say.



When asked the kids what was the best thing about this summer, they said that going on the Ritajärvi natural park for a picnic one day. I was surprised to get that as an answear even though I know they love to be outdoors like I do. But I thought: well, we went to the Särkänniemi Amusement park one day so they probably pic that one . Or: We practically live in the middle of the woods, so what could be so excited to go to another woods for a walk and some lunch. But it was and I have to agree to that. It was spontanious idea to go there (aren`t they always the best ones?), it`s not that far away from where we live and the weather had been almost too hot and uncomfortable almost for so many weeks, so I couldn`t imagine it to get any worse from that. And it didn`t. The air was even cooler there by the lake walking those paths on the shadows and some how there was no bugs at all either. Thank God for that!  We finalised the successful trip for going to an ice cream bar on our way home and it was really a memorable day for us.




The summer included also sweet and sunny little travels that I hold in my heart for eternity with their awesomeness. I met new people, I met people I knew already and it was all fun and laughter as well as farewells and tears too. That´s life and I certainly didn`t live through that without feeling every part of it.


The graduation of my daughter certainly made me cry a little! It was a beautiful day for our beautiful young woman.

This camping trip to our garden, on the other hand, made me laugh so much. These little boys were in such a hilarious mood and they did some rapping and dancing in that tent for hours, entertaining me as well as the neighbours, I guess. Hah.

So now… while reaching inevitably the end with this  “the + `s and the -`s of the summer” post here , I can see I didn`t put that much of the negative sides of it here. If at all. There sure was some hard moments, because life has that kind of a habit that it`s not all rosy for any of us , but somehow I don`t even remember them right now . That`s a good thing I guess, right? ! If I have to say something , it would be the bee (wasp) attacks that got us little panic once in a while but we just had to adjust that phenomenon and live the summerlife anyway – everyone that knows me well understands how much that is from me to say. I have the biggest fear of bees, I do, but if they come between me and my life joys, then they are doomed! Hahha!

So, after a little period of school – and also a little period of kids being sick already – I would say the summer was one to remember and this autumn will be too. Can`t wait. Just hold on, I have so much to tell you at some point *wink* ! I better go make some memories to share with you then…

Here`s to the summer 2018!




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